Automation Introduction

As a dynamic organisation we have taken the strategic decision to invest in technology to set us apart as a leader in our industry. As a fabricator we have automated our manufacturing processes with state of the art machinery. This ongoing investment has given us incomparable efficiencies that streamline our processes ensuring accurate workmanship and cost savings for our clients.

Our investment in CNC technology


Automation keeps us at the forefront of technology.                                                

Automation keeps us at the forefront of technology, a leader in productivity, and better able to meet our clients’ needs. We have invested considerably in Peddinghaus technology. Peddinghaus is the leader in the industry’s high speed drilling technology. We have automated our manufacturing process with the following state of the art machinery:

PCD1100 Beam Line
2 X 510 Meba Band Saws
HSFDB 2500 Plate line
Agtos RT2500 360 Degree Shot blaster
643Q Angle and flat bar Line
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Introduction of PeddinghausWelding Automation to our material handling system, with the NUOVA C.M.M. Plate Girder - the industry’s leader in high speed drilling technology.

This specialised equipment is recommended for T. L. I. H & U, box, star, sandwich, cambered and conical Beams. The biggest advantage of this line is the flexibility this advanced technology now gives us. These machines are specifically designed for the manufacture of welded T and double T girder-beams with parallel or converging flanges. Read More


Steel Services installs a Kinetic K4000 high tech plate and pipe processing line – "the world's most accurate combination machine."

This world class machine provides unprecedented speed, accuracy and efficiency and is only one of a handful of its type in the world. It is certainly the most sophisticated plate cutter in South Africa at this point in time.
Some of the technology highlights of the K4000 includes:
• a 2.6m x 13.5m bed for dual plate handling,
• 24 station tool changer,
• 400A plasma and auto start oxyfuel capability,
• bevel head for integrated edge preparation on both plasma and oxy fuel,
• integrated pipe profiler for pipes from NB100 to NB900,
• integrated marking system for part marking. 
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The Voortman V808 is the most versatile, market leading robotic thermal cutting machine with 8-axis - a truly amazing addition to our automated system.

The extreme flexibility of the robot in combination with the machine structure enables the machine to cut every 3D shape possible and mark all four sides of your material. This system allows for enormous freedom to design and produce structures with the most complex connections and copes, but also at a significantly increased production speed. The exact profile dimensions are actually measured by a robot, ensuring the fastest and most accurate result possible.   Read More


Steel Services has recently acquired the all new Peddiwriter CNC automated layout marking machine.

Once again Steel Services is forging ahead with world class technology, with the acquisition of a fully automatic and standalone layout marking system, the PeddiWriter CNC marking machine. The Peddiwriter has achieved unprecedented success in automated layout marking with unmatched accuracy.

One machine that does it all…
• Mark on all 4 sides of a profile as a standalone operation.
• Layout faster and more effectively than ever before with a dual torch system.
• Minimal chance of human error by eliminating manual measurement and weld data layout.
• Streamlined material handling by minimising the crane lifting of sections to and from a layout station. 
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Steel Services constructs new plate processing workshop

In order to streamline our efficiencies further we introduced a new plate handling section where all of our flat material storage and plate part processing is now centralised. This new production facility has removed significant safety and time constraints in production of plate parts.
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