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Our initial investment in automation with Peddinghaus technology:

With the introduction of a Roller feed Material Handling system we have increased the utilization of our inside shop space. This investment on our part gives us an incomparable efficiency advantage. 

PCD1100 Beam Line

The PCD 1100/3C ATC High-Speed Drilling Machine by Peddinghaus is designed exclusively for drilling and marking structural beams, flat stock, channel, rectangular tubing, and angle. The machine consists of three drilling axes, each having 1 spindle per axis. Each drill spindle has a 5- station automatic tool changer which supplies it with the required tools. The drill spindles can be programmed for any selected drill or drill combination to produce holes or layout marks at the desired locations. The roller feed drive mechanism allows maximum utilization of material, in that you may program the machine to process material from lead to trailing edge.

AFCPS 833 Angle master

The AFCPS – 833 by Peddinghaus is designed exclusively to process structural angle, flat stock, and channel. The machine consists of one rotational triple tool punch, with tools on 3.5’’ or 3” or 75 mm centres. The punch assembly rotates about the X-axis and is capable of consecutively punching holes into either leg of the angle, flat stock, and in the web of channel. The punch can be programmed for any selected punch or combination of punches to produce holes at desired locations. The Double Cut shear has modular tooling to cut the angle or flat stock to the desired lengths. A unique Signoplate Marking system ensures that each part is individually identified.

HSFDB2500 8 Spindle Plate line

The HSFDB 1800/2500 Machine by Peddinghaus is a machine system used to fabricate parts from flat plate. The machine is comprised of a single spindle with an 8-position automatic tool changer for hole making, as well as plasma and oxy-fuel torches for burning part profiles. The machine is programmed to automatically fabricate parts from the plate.

Mebaeco 510 DGA Band saws

Mebaeco 510.

Agtos 2600-600 Shot Blast Machine

The system is intended for the shot-blast cleaning of various work pieces using ferritic abrasives in an enclosed blasting chamber.

The Tekla API module

With the use of the Tekla API module we have the direct importation of Tekla part files into Raptor Software, eliminating the need to convert.

Introduction of Peddinghaus Welding Automation to our material handling system, with the NUOVA C.M.M. Plate Girder - the industry’s leader in high speed drilling technology.

We have added Welding Automation to our material handling system, with the introduction of a NUOVA C.M.M. Plate Girder. This specialized equipment is recommended for T. L. I. H & U, box, star, sandwich, cambered and conical Beams. 

The welding line can be equipped with a control PLC, user interface with Touch-screen panel and a special connector for connecting to an Ethernet network to our knowledge the machinery we have gives us the capability of welding and assembling the largest plate Girders or H-beams not only in South Africa but also in Africa. This advanced machinery allows us to assemble and weld large plate girders automatically, without having to assemble them manually. This additional investment in our business and for our clients saves us a considerable amount of time and money and gives us unspeakable efficiencies and accuracies in production.

Our state of the art welding line enables us to:

  • Manufacture faster
  • Improved welding quality
  • Prevention of angular deflection with straightening rolls
  • More reliable & accurate assembly
  • Ability to manufacture cambered beams 
  • Double deposit Submerged Tandum Arc Welding
  • Improved welding penetration
  • Ability to manufacture tapered beams
  • More competitive pricing

The types of beams we are able to weld are:

  • T Beams
  • H Beams
  • Box Beams 
  • Star Beams
Model TBM EB 3200/1200

Our advanced processing capacity:

WEB: Height 200 - 3200
: Thickness 8 - 40
: Thickness 8 - 50
FLANGE: Width 150 - 1200

Maximum post-deforming thickness:

28 mm on 300 mm width
32 mm on 500 mm width
40 mm on 800 mm width

With the TBL we are able to weld Star Beams to the following specifications:

Star Beam Capacity
Web. max. height: 400 ÷ 1.250 mm
Web width: 400 ÷ 1.250 mm
Flange: 100 ÷ 800 mm
Length: 12.000mm

The TBL is also able to weld the following Tack Welded Box:

Box Beam (lower side)
Box max. height: 300 ÷ 2.000 mm
Box width: 200 ÷ 1.250 mm
Length: 12.000mm
Box Beam (upper side)
Box max. height: 300 ÷ 2.000 mm
Box width: 200 ÷ 1.250 mm
Length: 12.000mm

Welding Automation gives us the edge we need to satisfy our customers every requirement in the shortest time possible. This simple, economic and fully integrated system is exceptionally flexible and can be used for a variety of jobs. This ensures better quality, less manpower and significant cost saving for our clients.

Steel Services commissions new plate processing machine

Some of the technology highlights of the K4000 include a 2.6m x 13.5m bed for dual plate handling, 24 station tool changer, 400A plasma and auto start oxyfuel capability, bevel head for integrated edge preparation on both plasma and oxy fuel, integrated pipe profiler for pipes from NB100 to NB900, integrated marking system for part marking.

Lawrence Bartlett (MD) had the following to say about the new machine: “We have invested in a Kinetic K4000XMC machine, which is a combination drilling and cutting machine that also mills, taps, counter bores, marks your components and bevels your parts all in one operation without having to move your material to another machine. Additionally, we have added a pipe profiling attachment to the machine, which will give us even more flexibility. Having dual plasma/oxy cutting and CNC operations all in one machine will allow us to significantly improve our process savings in terms of the delivery time. During normal processing you would cut your parts and then send them to a machining center for secondary operations. With our machine, we start with a sheet of steel, machine all the holes first and then we burn the profiles. It’s finished in one operation. 

The machine also features a unique wet and dry cutting table with automatic cleaning. This system allows high-pressure through tool coolant to be used with the spindle, and dry fume extraction for thermal cutting. The system collects dross in drawers under the table. Through spindle coolant is essential for drilling and allows for faster speeds and longer tool life.” This machine opens up new possibilities and perfectly integrates into our plate girder welding operation speeding up the production of webs and flanges. Please talk to us if you would like to know more about how we can assist you to deliver construction projects in the industrial, commercial or mining industries. 

The Voortman V808 is the most versatile, market leading robotic thermal cutting machine with 8-axis - a truly amazing addition to our automated system.

Powerful measuring and clamping system

The Voortman V808 is equipped with a powerful, fully automatic roller feed measuring and clamping system. This fully automatic measuring roller feed system is the fastest positioning system as it does not require a pusher or gripper to return home before loading the next piece saving hours each week.

Optical and disk profile measuring 

A measuring disk which automatically moves to the correct height is installed at the clamping position for accurate length measuring. The front measurement is carried out by laser measurement fitted straight after the feeder roll and on the robot.

High cutting quality 

The Voortman V808 robotic thermal cutting machine is programmed to always position itself as close to the top beam as possible, this again results in better cutting quality as well as extensive hole performance with its quality bolt hole cutting performance.

The Voortman V808 robotic thermal cutting machine can cut all sorts of structural steel beams without need for a drilling and a sawing machine.

  • Square tubes
  • Rectangular tubes
  • I-Beams
  • H-Beams
  • Channels
  • Flat bar
  • Angle iron

Another big advantage of this high level of automation is that the Voortman V808 can handle all four sides which will save time and costs in the workshop assembly area. The multi system integration of the Voortman has given us even more capacity.

Peddiwriter CNC automated layout marking machine

The PeddiWriter does the work of a team of layout personnel, and is capable of eliminating the tedious, back-breaking tasks that are traditionally involved with manually laying out a profile. Parts flow through the machine one after another at rapid production rates due to its dual torch design. Faster than carbide scribing, the plasma marking torches of the PeddiWriter can mark simultaneously on two separate surfaces. Manually handling a beam with a crane is eliminated as the streamlined benefits of roller feed measurement are presented on this one-of-a-kind innovation.

Manual marking as many as 153 profiles in a single 10 hour shift.
The layout of any welded connection can be streamlined.

CNC automation has proven to improve accuracy within the realms of the beam drilling, plate processing, and angle production since its inception. The PeddiWriter is the first machine to ever combine layout marking with CNC automation strictly for the production of structural steel profiles. The PeddiWriter eliminates concerns about manual mistakes by operating via CNC program.

The PeddiWriter allows for the direct importation of Fabtrol and or Tekla part files into Raptor software, eliminating the need to convert to an intermediary file type.

  • Plasma marking maintains its visibility on all surface finishes whether they are blast cleaned, or rusted. 
  • The Peddiwriter mechanical writer probe system allows the machine to maintain proper standoff distance from material during marking, while eliminating timely probing sequences.
  • Peddinghause Roller Measurement is combined with a 4-axis automated layout marking for total flexibility.

Construction of a new dedicated plate processing workshop - FPDB2500 Plate line & MG Plate Roller

Some of the technology highlights of the K4000 includes:

-  Double portal design
-  50m long and 47m wide with 2350m2 under roof
-  Crane - 2 x 10ton with 8.6m and 9.3m hook heights respectively
-  State of the art Kinetic plate processing machine (details to follow in a future newsletter)
-  Dedicated street entrance with own material storage area
-  NC plate roll with 2500mm width and 25mm thickness capability

We are sure that the addition of this new facility will radically improve the effectiveness of our operation and enable Steel Services to provide an even better and more compelling end to end fabrication solution for all types of projects.

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