Steel Trading

Steel Trading specialises in medium and light engineering and has a reputation for excellence in the fabrication / manufacturing, construction and mining industries.

Steel Trading also provides specialised services in civil projects such as the fabrication and erection of steel in plinths, settlers and dams, as well as foundations and walls in projects both above and below the ground.

We provide a variety of services and products which includes the supply, fabrication, welding, cleaning, detailing, procurement, galvanizing, sandblasting, painting, pre-assembly, delivery and erection of various steel products and structures, and capable of producing 100 ton of fabricated steelwork per month. 

Commission of steelwork includes:

- Installation of surface and underground conveyor and plant structures 
- Machining of bushes, wheels and shafts
- Audit reports for clients on conveyors and structural steel
- Installation of bulk transfer structures including all civil construction
- Installation of main vent fans
- Accredited training facility and training provider for on lifting and rigging training, and semi skill boiler making.

At Steel Trading we own the full range of equipment and accessories required to do site work which includes:
4 ton Telehandle; 8 ton truck; Underground LDV vehicles; Diesel generators; Site containers and offices; lifting and cutting equipment.

Steel Trading’s services and products include:

  • Headgears
  • Guides
  • Suspended shaft and tower steel
  • Underground transfer conveyors
  • Strike conveyors
  • Underground tip steelwork
  • Floor grating
  • Hand railing systems & stair treads
  • Plant steel and plate work
  • Cages
  • Winder house and compressor house buildings
  • Ore passes and tips
  • Conveyor belt systems complete with mechanicals
  • Ore pass support steel & ore pass
  • Expanded metals
  • General steel fabrication & construction
  • Shaft steel – buntons, guides, cages, penthouse, etc.
  • Penthouse
  • Silo steel and silo conveyors surface
  • Dip conveyors
  • Workshops & buildings
  • Control chutes
  • Flatex products

Steel Services and Allied Industries

We have extensive steel construction experience on which you can depend – and our determination to deliver excellence is the foundation on which our reputation for quality is built.

Steel Services & Allied Industries (Pty) LTd

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Steel Trading

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Crane Corp.

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GEAR Mining

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