Another challenge for the Steel Services team… we are once again working on an exciting project in our neighbouring country, Botswana, a Degrit plant to the value of BWP56 million at Orapa mine, the ninth largest open-cast diamond mine in the world. This is a combined SMPP project


GEAR Mining Construction(GMC), part of the Steel Services group of companies, was awarded the steelwork order by Flour. As a combined effort within the group, Steel Services has fabricated the steelwork. We are one of a few companies that have the capacity, expertise and equipment to complete a complex project of this nature in such a short space of time.

The scope of this Degrit project included structural steelwork of 665 tonnes, platework (Tanks, Chutes and Launders) - 140 tonnes as well as 4 Grit Conveyors - 220 tonnes. The combined tonnage of steel fabricated was 1025 tonnes.

Stair tower for the Degrit structure.48 tons of steel reaching the top of the structure of 42m in height.

Process water tank: 5.6m in diameter
and 6.4m in height.




“The first steelwork presented for inspection has passed with flying colours (Congratulations)”
Shane MillsFLUOR SA (Pty) Ltd | Snr Expeditor

Pre-erection of the Slimes holding tank : 9.2m in diameter and 12m in height.
Constructed out of 24 quarter panels


Image left: Fabrication of a curved conveyor gantry.
Image right: Completed conveyor gantry fitted with handrailing, grating and idler brackets.


Image right: Top section of a steady head tank : 2.3m in diameter and 4.9m in height.

The project commenced in January 2019, expected completion is August 2019, so, we are currently in the completion stages.

This project will go a long way to ensuring the overall extended life of the Orapa Diamond Mine.  Through various projects, they are hoping to extend the life of the mine to 2030 and beyond.

The Degrit project will ensure more efficiencies as they strive to achieve a more streamlined and efficient diamond extraction process.

“Thanks very much Renier, a job well done!” 
Shane Mills FLUOR SA (Pty) Ltd | Snr Expeditor