The collective effort of everyone at Steel Services in 2017 is beginning to bare fruit. The first new machine brought into production in 2018 was our new Kinetic K4000 high tech plate and pipe processing line. The installation started in November 2017 and was completed in February 2018 (interrupted by the December holiday). This world class machine provides unprecedented speed, accuracy and efficiency and is only one of a handful of its type in the world. It is certainly the most sophisticated plate cutter in South Africa at this point in time.

Some of the technology highlights of the K4000 includes:

  • a 2.6m x 13.5m bed for dual plate handling,
  • 24 station tool changer,
  • 400A plasma and auto start oxyfuel capability,
  • bevel head for integrated edge preparation on both plasma and oxy fuel,
  • integrated pipe profiler for pipes from NB100 to NB900,
  • integrated marking system for part marking.

Lawrence Bartlett (MD) had the following to say about the new machine: "We have invested in a Kinetic K4000XMC machine, which is a combination drilling and cutting machine that also mills, taps, counter bores, marks components and bevels parts all in one operation without having to move material to another machine.

Additionally, we have added a pipe profiling attachment to the machine, which will give us even more flexibility. Having dual plasma/oxy cutting and CNC operations all in one machine will allow us to significantly improve our process savings in terms of delivery time. During normal processing you would cut parts and then send them to a machining center for secondary operations. With our machine, we start with a sheet of steel, machine all the holes first and then burn the profiles. It’s finished in one operation. The machine also features a unique wet and dry cutting table with automatic cleaning. This system allows high-pressure through tool coolant to be used with the spindle, and dry fume extraction for thermal cutting. The system automatically collects dross in drawers under the table. Through spindle coolant is essential for drilling and allows for faster speeds and longer tool life."

The maximum rigidity of this machine, partnered with its high spec components results in optimal processing accuracy, opening up new possibilities. It integrates perfectly into our plate girder welding operation speeding up the production of webs and flanges.

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In the next news letter we will show case the new Voortman V808 robotic coping machine.