Steel Services expanding Across Africa…

The Steel Services group are excited to announce our acquisition
of GEAR Mining Construction.

GEAR Mining Construction (Pty) Ltd was started in 1996 in Botswana.
The company has been serving the mining industry with innovative, functional solutions for the past thirty five years.  

GEAR Mining Construction is a steelwork contracting company that has workshops in Lobatse and Letlhakane in Botswana and will now be supported by the Steel Services groups manufacturing facilities in South Africa for the fabrication, construction, refurbishment, upgrading and maintenance of process plants.

Our Strategic alliances within the group make us a powerful partner. 

The Botswana Company is now headed by Garekwe Mojaphoko and Lawrence Bartlett.

They are assisted by a dynamic and strategic management team that have been part of the company’s success since 1996. This long-standing and experienced management team allows the company to offer an exceptional standard in innovation, commitment and stability to the industry.

The company is in the process of growing.  We are excited about the construction and development of a central African fabrication facility in Lobatse, which is currently underway. The main focus of this facility is to provide the company with a local base for the fabrication of steelwork.

This enables us to improve capacity as well as expedite turnaround times for our Botswana customers.

The facility will also have the capacity to provide steelwork to meet the needs of the greater Southern and Central African mining industry, which we look forward to.

On behalf of the Steel Services Group and our staff we would like to thank you, our clients for your support over the past year. We look forward to a prosperous year for all in 2019.