Manual Methods Don’t Meet Demands
As you know Steel Services specializes in labour intensive steel fabrication projects which were becoming quite demanding using boilermakers or manual fabrication methods. We realized the natural way forward in manufacturing was going to be through the implementation of CNC technology.

An Investment in CNC equipment would ensure that we could better control our capacity.

Searching for CNC Technology
Steel Services began our CNC investigation by analyzing the different types of fabrication technology available and how each option’s features could benefit our business.

After extensive research we at Steel Services made our first investment in CNC technology in 2012. Currently, Steel Services operates an arsenal of CNC machinery including a plate processor, a high-speed drill line, an angle line, a CNC layout marking machine, a shot blasting system and two structural band saws. With the use of the new CNC technology, we were able to meet timely project deadlines including two large headgear projects recently completed in Zambia.

The machinery has played a critical role speeding up our process ten-fold. Our machines are robust. They’ve got a lot of electronics and sophistication but you can see the base is a solid machine. That’s proven with the amount of work that we put through these machines.

CNC Performs
The benefits of our CNC investments have lead Steel Services on a steady growth path allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. The HSFDB plate processor returns work back in-house which was previously outsourced to other companies, allowing control over quality, cost and tight time frames. The Advantage-2 drill line removed a bottleneck and allows what would traditionally take a boilermaker a day to mark out, punch, drill, etc. within five minutes on the machine. The Angle CNC machine-643/Q angle line has proven to be three-times faster than what they were previously used to.

Solid Steel Success
The future for Steel Services is promising. Utilizing CNC technology, we are able to accomplish growth while gaining a competitive edge within the mining and commercial industries. We’ve put in a big effort to make sure we are competitive when times are tough. We believe there is a big future with our team.