Once again Steel Services is forging ahead with world class technology, with the acquisition of a fully automatic and standalone layout marking system. We have recently acquired the all new PeddiWriter CNC marking machine.  The Peddiwriter has achieved unprecedented success in automated layout marking with unmatched accuracy.

This clever mechanical design will reduce costs for our customers and greatly increase our production outputs.

One machine that does it all…

  • Mark on all 4 sides of a profile as a standalone operation. 
  • Layout faster and more effectively than ever before with a dual torch system.
  • Minimal chance of human error by eliminating manual measurement and weld data layout.
  • Streamlined material handling by minimising the crane lifting of sections to and from a layout station.

The PeddiWriter does the work of a team of layout personnel, and is capable of eliminating the tedious, back-breaking tasks that are traditionally involved with manually laying out a profile. Parts flow through the machine one after another at rapid production rates due to its dual torch design. Faster than carbide scribing, the plasma marking torches of the PeddiWriter can mark simultaneously on two separate surfaces. Manually handling a beam with a crane is eliminated as the streamlined benefits of roller feed measurement are presented on this one-of-a-kind innovation.

Manual marking as many as 153 profiles
in a single 10 hour shift.

The layout of any welded connection can be streamlined.

CNC automation has proven to improve accuracy within the realms of the beam drilling, plate processing, and angle production since its inception.  The PeddiWriter is the first machine to ever combine layout marking with CNC automation strictly for the production of structural steel profiles. The PeddiWriter eliminates concerns about manual mistakes by operating via CNC program.PeddiWriter_Beam (04)

  • Plasma marking maintains its visibility on all surface finishes whether they are blast cleaned, or rusted.
  • The Peddiwriter mechanical writer probe system allows the machine to maintain proper standoff distance from material during marking, while eliminating timely probing sequences.
  • Peddinghause Roller Measurement is combined with a 4-axis automated layout marking for total flexibility.

The PeddiWriter allows for the direct importation of Fabtrol and or Tekla part files into Raptor software, eliminating the need to convert to an intermediary file type.

Follow the links below to view the PeddiWriter in action: