We have recently completed the fabrication of the Mopani Headgear on the Nkana Mine in Kitwe, Zambia. This impressive headgear stands at 70 m tall with a total mass of over 1 300 tonnes.

The headgear was trial assembled in stages in our workshop in order to minimise the risks of assemblies not fitting once on site. This strict quality control & planning ensured smooth and uninterrupted installation on site. See below to follow the project progression:

1. Box Girders
Fabrication and quality check on these massive 1200 x 1200 x 45mm box girders.
2. Platform Assembly
Trial assembly of a 150t floor including all the internal beams and braces to check interface and exact fitment took place throughout the fabrication process. This ensured a smooth erection process on site, saving the client time and money.
3. Main Frame Yard Assembly
Assembly off 600 tons of main frame and back legs on top of each other, to check consistency and tolerance within 6mm over 80m.
4. Back Leg Factory Trial Assembly
Trial assembly of the headgear back legs along with bracing.
Complete load ready to start the 2 500km journey to Zambia.
 6. Headgear Bin Installation
Erection of the headgear bin. 3500 Liners were processed for this bin and installed into the structure prior to delivery. This translated into significant time savings for the client.
 7. Platform – Site Assembly
Site pre-assembly at 40m level in preparation for its big lift.
8. Headgear Progress
Site erection progress up to level 40m.
 9. Site Erection Crane
400 Ton Crawler Crane used to erect modules of the headgear up to 200 ton in weight and 80m high.
10. Sheave Column Installation
Sheave column erection and installation up to 50m level.
 11. Sheave Wheel Installation
Sheave wheel installation between sheave columns.
 12. Final Platform Installation
Site erection of a 150t platform at level 60m.
 13. Joint
Picture of a massive knuckle joint intersection at 50m.
14. Complete
Complete Headgear standing tall at 70m.