Bronto Skylift’s XDT models are compact and versatile in design, including the most advanced features  that give added value in an increasingly competitive and diversifying business environment.

The Telescopic cage boom allows for:

  • 70m height & 36m outreach
  • 700kg working load
  • 90 degree working cage rotation
  • Hydraulic extension for more space
  • Optimised outreach limitation system in all directions regardless of environmental influences

This excellent height to weight ratio gives us a more economical, more manoeuvrable, lighter chassis.

This compact machine allows for:

  • Higher reach
  • Access to otherwise load restricted roads & bridges
  • Less outrigger pressure on load restricted surfaces

This compact design facilitates:

  • Better manoeuvrability
  • Access to previously unreachable areas

With the acquisition of the Terrex 200t crane, a compact and agile 5-axle crane we have any complex all terrain jobs covered.

The Terrex 200 boasts the following features:

  • The shortest 200-tonner on 5 axles
  • A 12.6m carrier length
  • 4 different carriers to choose from
  • It enables 4 simultaneous working movements
  • Self-rigging with a telescoping and pinning system
  • Unequalled 100m combined boom-and-jib length
  • 33m boom extension
  • Quick connection hydraulic bolt extractors and hydraulic and electric quick couplings allow for fast
  • A speed-dependent rear axle steering designed to increase manoeuvrability and driving stability
  • A touch screen crane control system for maximum flexibility
  • The heavy lift attachments total 8 sheaves at boom head
  • A maximum capacity of 147.0 t

With these impressive additions to our crane fleet, we are hoping to venture into exciting terrain and ground-breaking projects.