At Steel Services & Allied Industries we strive to be dynamic and keep abreast with innovative technological changes in our industry.  As a fabricator we have taken steps to cut overhead costs and reduce or automate the handling of materials throughout the fabrication process.  With the introduction of a Roller feed Material Handling system we have increased the utilization of our inside shop space.  This investment on our part gives us an Incomparable efficiency advantage that will save time & money for our clients.  Automation keeps us at the forefront of technology, a leader in productivity, and better able to meet our clients’ needs.

We have invested considerably in Peddinghaus technology.  Peddinghaus is the leader in the industry’s high speed drilling technology.  We have automated our manufacturing process with the following state of the art machinery;

  • AFCPS 833 Angle master.

    The AFCPS – 833 by Peddinghaus is designed exclusively to process structural angle, flat stock, and channel. The machine consists of one rotational triple tool punch, with tools on 3.5’’ or 3” or 75 mm centres. The punch assembly rotates about the X-axis and is capable of consecutively punching holes into either leg of the angle, flat stock, and in the web of channel. The punch can be programmed for any selected punch or combination of punches to produce holes at desired locations. The Double Cut shear has modular tooling to cut the angle or flat stock to the desired lengths. A unique Signoplate Marking system ensures that each part is individually identified.

  • PCD1100 Beam Line

    The PCD 1100/3C ATC High-Speed Drilling Machine by Peddinghaus is designed exclusively for drilling and marking structural beams, flat stock, channel, rectangular tubing, and angle. The machine consists of three drilling axes, each having 1 spindle per axis. Each drill spindle has a 5- station automatic tool changer which supplies it with the required tools. The drill spindles can be programmed for any selected drill or drill combination to produce holes or layout marks at the desired locations. The roller feed drive mechanism allows maximum utilization of material, in that you may program the machine to process material from lead to trailing edge.

  • HSFDB2500 8 Spindle Plate line

    The HSFDB 1800/2500 Machine by Peddinghaus is a machine system used to fabricate parts from flat plate.  The machine is comprised of a single spindle with an 8-position automatic tool changer for hole making, as well as plasma and oxy-fuel torches for burning part profiles. The machine is programmed to automatically fabricate parts from the plate.

  • Mebaeco 510 DGA Band saws.

  • Agtos 2600-600 Shot Blast Machine

    The system is intended for the shot-blast cleaning of various work pieces using ferritic abrasives in an enclosed blasting chamber.

  • With the use of the Tekla API module we have the direct importation of Tekla part files into Raptor Software, eliminating the need to convert.