Our visionary directors understand and value the significance of adapting – it inspires the development of innovative solutions that are focused on fulfilling the needs of our customers. Adapting is about becoming better and stronger, because “You shouldn’t adapt to survive. You should adapt to thrive.”



Ron Bartlett

NHD (Mech. Eng),
Assoc Cert Eng & SAI Mech Eng

Group CEO

Steel Services & Allied Industries



Lawrence Bartlett

PR. Eng. (BSc. Mech. Eng),
NHD (Mech. Eng.)

Group Managing Director

Steel Services & Allied Industries



Ashly Bartlett


Ventilation Support Systems





Nico Otto

N.T.D (Elec. Eng) and G.C.C (Elec. Eng)


Steel Trading




Anthony Petzer


Crane Corporation





Riana Ott

Group Financial Director

Steel Services & Allied Industries